19 Brandon Murrell

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City:     Gores Landing

Years Racing:   1 year

Any significance to number?       All because of Billy Decker; I’ve always liked 19 anyway.

Favorite racing moment or Career Highlights:   I was 6 years old and sat in Pete Bicknell’s car at the back

of the shop and instantly knew what I wanted to do.

Any race day rituals or superstitions?       Watch past races and capitalize on mistakes

Goals:     Stay competitive every week and get a top 10 in points

Pit Crew:   Taylor Kimmerly, Ryan Murrell,

Terry Murrell, Lori Murrell

Sponsors:    Hannah Motors, Northumberland Stars Hockey, Champion (RNB) oiol, Orange Motorsports KTM,

Yorkies BBQ, Jim’s Pizza, Good Year.