2 Leslie Mowat

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City: Carrying Place

Years Racing:    7 years: Comp 4, Pro Stock

Pit Crew: Warren Mowat, Peter Turcotte, Willard Cormier, Ron Turcotte, Jay Turcotte

Sponsors:    Cormier’s Auto Recycling, Target Fab Inc., Trenton Collision, Pegasus Promotions, Momma’s Diner, Mowat Vinyl Designs, AC Grinding, Quinte West Tire, Tri-County Plastics, EpiCure Selections (Indt Sales Consultant)

Career Highlights:    Comp4 Super Feature winner 2007, Best appearing car 5 years, Pit crew award,  Fan Favourite, most checkered flags, fastest lap

Goals:    In order to finish first, you must first finish!  Consistency and points racing.

Race year        2012       Feature wins         0          Top 5 feature finishes       10

Race year        2011       Feature wins       0        Top 5 feature finishes         3

Race year        2010       Feature wins       1         Top 5 feature finishes         4