72 Doug Anderson

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City:     Trenton

Years Racing:   Sportsman, Can Mod, ProStock

Favorite racing moment or Career Highlights:   Being the first Brighton car to win a feature at Merritville                                                                                speedway

Goals:     Have as much fun as possible without getting into trouble

Pit Crew:   Kyle, Roola, Dave, Jay

Sponsors:    Hunt’s Bobcat services, SWE Autoglass, Morgan Brae Farms, Nolevue Farms, Belleville Transmission and

Automotive, C. Smith Machine Shop, Scotts Haulage, Quinte West Tire, Akey Racing


Race year        2012       Feature wins      16          Top 5 feature finishes         17

Race year        2011       Feature wins       9           Top 5 feature finishes       12

Race year        2010       Feature wins     11           Top 5 feature finishes       14