77 Caley Weese

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City:    Belleville

Years Racing     10  yrs: Comp 4, Pro Stock, Late Model

Any significance to number?       First Enduro number was 77; ’77 Corvette is my favorite car

Favorite racing moment or Career Highlights       Winning the championship, first Woo LM Race

Any race day rituals or superstitions?       Follow the same routine every race day

Goals:   Finish in the top 5 in points; win a feature

Pit Crew:   Big Bill, Jordan, Lloyd

Sponsors:  Dibbits Excavating, Lucas Oil, Ten Star Weese Insurance, Eastern Overhead Doors, McDougall Insurance and Financial, Foxy Hair and Esthetics, Franklin
2012 Feature wins:    0                             2012 Top 5 feature finishes:  6