11 Lynn Inia

City:    Colborne Years Racing: first Goals:    Keep it on the track; don’t cause any wreck and don’t p***  anybody off!! Pit Crew:   Waye and Jeff Inia Sponsors:    On Target Dog Training

19 Brandon Murrell

City:     Gores Landing Years Racing:   1 year Any significance to number?       All because of Billy Decker; I’ve always liked 19 anyway. Favorite racing moment or Career Highlights:   I was 6 years old and sat in Pete Bicknell’s car at the back of the shop and instantly knew what I wanted to do. Any race day […]

07 Megan Golden

City:    Stirling Sponsors:   Ontario Duct Cleaning, Rapid Rad, CanniftonGarage, Star Auto Glass, Dennis Davy Property Management

01 Dawson Evans

City:    Frankford Goals:    Keep car in one piece Pit Crew:   Papa Pete, Father Ken, Sister Dakota, Fast Eddie, Jeff, Brad , Sara Sponsors:   Smitty Appliances, Pro Stop Stirling, Car Quest Belleville, I.A. Invesia Financial Services, Hoskin Motorsports

09 Cole Sandercock

                    City:    Trenton Years Racing:   1 year Favorite racing moment or Career Highlights:   Almost beat a prelude Goals: Win at least a qualifier if not a feature Pit Crew:   Cory, dad, Ryan, Josh Sponsors:    Doug’s Auto Glass, CC small engines and Graphics, my dad

74 Mike Lucas

City:    Belleville Years Racing:   4 years Pro stock and pure stock Goals:    To not wreck and win a feature and wave the flag Pit Crew:   Wally, Jeff, D-Rock, Doug,  Johnny, Art and my Dad Sponsors:    A&C Insley Property Maintenance, Jensan Property Management, Patriots Excavating, Invisible Fence  Brand, Luke’s Transport, Country Homes of Quinte, Wilsons Tune-up, Q.M.C. Slinger […]

21 Brittany Markolefas

  City:     Picton Years Racing:   2 years Favorite racing moment or Career Highlights:   First time on the track – best time ever! Goals:     Win a feature Pit Crew:   Gary Sheffield, Todd Corey Sponsors:    Vinyl Solution

2 Leslie Mowat

City: Carrying Place Years Racing:    7 years: Comp 4, Pro Stock Pit Crew: Warren Mowat, Peter Turcotte, Willard Cormier, Ron Turcotte, Jay Turcotte Sponsors:    Cormier’s Auto Recycling, Target Fab Inc., Trenton Collision, Pegasus Promotions, Momma’s Diner, Mowat Vinyl Designs, AC Grinding, Quinte West Tire, Tri-County Plastics, EpiCure Selections (Indt Sales Consultant) Career Highlights:    Comp4 Super […]

38 Art Rodgers

City: Stirling, On Years Racing:    5 yrs Pro Stock  

53 Wade Purchase

    City:     Demorestville Years Racing:   First year Any significance to number?       Father’s number Goals:     Finish races Pit Crew:   Matt Purchase Sponsors:    Corbash