29 Rich Sanders

    City:     Picton Years Racing:   1 Any significance to number?       Team Fowl Mood Pit Crew:   Phil, Charlie, Jan, Stu Sponsors:    Fowl Mood Racing, Frank’s Auto Repair 2012 Feature wins:       0            2012 Top 5 feature finishes:   5  

47 Riley Greer

19 Brandon Murrell

15 Robert Farrell

98 Jonah Mutton

87 Emilee Weedman

  City:     Belleville Years Racing:   first year Any significance to number?       Year I was born Pit Crew:   Nate Bosma, Devon Kippen Sponsors:    Take Mike for Granite, Nate’s Auto Cozmedix, Procut Property Maintenance

76 Lawrence Evenden

70 Becky Jamieson

21 Brandon Markolefas

                          City:         Picton Years Racing:    1 year Stingers Pit Crew:    Mom and Dad Sponsors:    KPR Auto, Village Automotive

07 Brandon Gunter