70 Becky Jamieson

11 Adam Flieler

  City:      Trenton Years Racing:    5 years Stinger, Comp 4 2012 Top 5 feature finishes:  2  

6 Tom Cole

                         City:      Oshawa Pit Crew:  Tom, Mike, Roger, Buck Years Racing:    1 year Comp 4 Sponsors:    Quinte Towing, Bainers Rad, Quinte West Tire, Bro Stock liquidator, TNT Firewood

8 Geneva Sheffield

City:         Picton Years Racing:    4 years (Stingers) Sponsors:    Paul’s Mechanical, Shantz Towing Special Awards:    Top 10 finish in points, top 5 finish, hitting the wall Goals:    Keep the car in one piece and win my first race 2011                   # of Top 5 Feature Finishes:     1           # Feature Wins: 2009                   # of Top 5 Feature […]

18 Chris Turk

       City:      Trenton Years Racing:    1 year Comp 4 Pit Crew:    Danny Hillier, Sean O’Brien, Paul Scott, Ron Sponsors:    Lava Clean, Super Sound Disc Jockey, Weller’s Bay Campground, Shaker Trucking Goals:    Compete and have fun, finish top 10 overall.

27 Nathan Day

                          City:    Colborne Years Racing:    8 years Comp 4 Pit Crew:    Adam, Jena, Jeff, Joe, dad, mom, Evan, Sponsors:    Day’s Trucking, Homer Hardwhare, Sunnyside Meats, John Day Haulage, Mystic Signs, Salune Tire, Oakwood Transport 2011                   # of Top 5 Feature Finishes:     […]