Successful Round 2 of the Bay Marine Oval Ice Races

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Saturday, February 15th saw over 75 participants take to the fully iced 1/3rd mile oval at Brighton Speedway for round two of the Bay Marin Oval Ice Races.   A beautiful winter day was highlighted by classes with up to 15 participants in some, ensuring a competitive field and fun had by all.


0-500 Snowmobiles Sponsored by Brighton Recycling

1. Jacob Hollett

2. Carl Blight

3. Bradley Thomson

Youth ATV’s (14-17) Sponsored by Star 93.3

1. Chris Anthony

2. Daris Bird

3. Mathieu Bru

601-700 Snowmobiles Sponsored by ROCK 107

1. Erling Jensen

2. Charlie Sandercock

3. Devon Kippen

4WD ATV (No Studs) Sponsored by Cool 100

1. Mitch Blight

2. Kevin Anderson

3. Jordan Fry

501-600 Snowmobiles Sponsored by Mix 97

1. Charlie Sandercock

2. Devon Kippen

3. Joe Chamberlain

2WD ATV (Studded) Sponsored by 107.9 The Breeze

1. Shawn Waite

2. Joey Ambrose

3. Tyler McLellan

Amateur Ice Bikes

1. Keith Lavaler

2. Joe Chamberlain

3. Jermaine Fuizmidge

Pro Ice Bikes

1. Mark Holliday

2. Dave Corvers

3. Chris Welch

701-800 Snowmobiles Sponsored by Larry’s Towing

1. Erling Jensen

2. James Seymour

3. Charlie Sandercock

Open ATV’s Sponsored by Image Landscaping

1. Joey Ambrose

2. Jeff Chandler

3. Shawn Waite

Junior ATV’s (8-13) Sponsored by Battlefield Equipment

1. Cole Perry

2. Rhilynn Gordon

Enduro Sponsored by Bill’s Johns

1. Justin Ramsay

2. Travis McLean

3. Tyler French

4. Jonas Mutton

5. Ross Evans