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2015 Brighton Speedway Registration

Under Construction


2015 RUSH Late Model Series Registration

Membership Fees:$125 to become a Weekly Series Member and $125 to become a Touring Series Member (includes membership in both Northern & Southern Region) or $225 for both Weekly & Touring, which includes $100,000 of excess participant accident
insurance after one’s health insurance and/or speedway’s participant accident policy. Points are not retroactive. Points do not count until membership is completed and paid.

Membership includes $100,000 of excess medical benefit insurance; coverage is excess over participant’s health insurance & track’s participant accident insurance while participating in a RUSH-sanctioned event.

Those participating in the Bilstein Bandits Championship Program must be a Weekly Series member.

Memberships are NOT required to participate in RUSH events, but are required to receive points and be eligible for point-funds.

2015 Annual RUSH Dirt Late Model “Adult” Membership Form

2015 Annual RUSH Dirt Late Model “Minor” Membership Form

Uses “Weekly Series” points for racers that elect to campaign the $135 Bilstein sealed spec shocks in 2015.

2015 Bilstein Bandits Participation Form